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Nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us that is in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Some 75 years after Rev. Samuel Bill had set up the Qua Iboe Mission in Ibeno, the Church's evangelical activities finally arrived Lagos, the then Federal Capital.

Four laymen exploited the presence of Rev. Matthew Udoffa (now deceased), a pastor of Qua Iboe Church, Ibesit, who was holidaying with his brother, Sampson (also now deceased) to inaugurate the Lagos branch of the church at Toyin Bar and Gardens, Matthew Street, Surulere in June 1962. Attendance at the inaugural service was 9, made up of the four laymen and their families and the pastor. The general collection on that day was one shilling and six pence.

Toyin Bar and Gardens, by virtue of its central location, provided recreation and entertainment to the public, seven days a week. The casualties in the number of broken bottles and the chicken parts had to be cleared on Sunday mornings before normal worship service could commence.

The church expanded rapidly and its membership was a mixed grill of people of protestant background and ethnic groups of mainly Ibibio, Annang and Igbo. Soon afterwards, accommodation became a major problem. The church succeeded in getting a larger accommodation at Jehovah Jireh African School, Mosalashi, Surulere. They also identified three plots of land along Western Avenue (now Funsho Williams Avenue). Baptism used to take place at a stream in Shomolu. Officials of the Christian Association of Nigeria ministered the sacraments. The first Qua Iboe Church Pastor sent by the Church Conference to minister the Holy Communion was Rev. C. A. Umobong of blessed memory.

Today, United Evangelical Church (Founded as Qua Iboe Church), UEC Surulere has increased greatly both in membership and status.
A purposeful bible based church, united in worship and service to God and humanity holistically towards the rapture
UEC exists to glorify God and reach the unreached for Christ through evangelism and missions, equipping and empowering the saints, and social action for the benefit of humankind.
The doctrine of United Evangelical Church (Founded as Qua Iboe Church) are and shall be that United Evangelical Church (Founded as Qua Iboe Church) affirms its faith in the supreme authority and sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures as the word of God; the eternal oneness of the Godhead of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; the love of God to the world manifested in the gift of His Son; the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ; His sinless life, His atoning death, His bodily resurrection, His ascension and His coming again; man's fall alienation, spiritual death, eternal punishment; the necessity of repentance, redemption from sin through the propitiatory sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ; justification by faith alone; the necessity of the direct work of the Holy Spirit to impart and sustain spiritual life, the essential unity of all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and the obligation resting on those who bear His name to afford evidence of their discipleship by a life of obedience to His commands.
United Evangelical Church (Founded as Qua Iboe Church) Surulere is governed under the By-Laws of United Evangelical Church (Founded as Qua Iboe Church) Surulere, Lagos. The By-Laws draws its powers from constitution of the United Evangelical Church (Founded as Qua Iboe Church). The By-Laws provides for three groups to oversee the work of the church.

The Congregational Elders' Session, made up of elders, is charged with the spiritual oversight and act as the court of the Congregation, responsible for overseeing the ministry work and business of the church. The Congregational Pastor is the head of the Congregational Elders' Session.

The Church Committee, made up of Elders, Deacons and Deaconess, is responsible for formulating broad goals, objectives and policy direction for the Church. The Church Committee Chairman, elected by the Congregation, heads the Church Committee.

The Church Committee Executive, made up of elected Officers and the Congregational Pastor. They are responsible for carrying out the day-to-day administrative functions of the Church Committee, implementing the policies of the Church Committee and advising or making necessary recommendations to the Church Committee as the need arises. The Church Committee Executive reports to the Church Committee. The Church Committee Chairman is also the Chairman of the Church Committee Executive.

These groups have subcommittees and other groups working to govern and tend to the Lord's work in our family of faith.
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